Friday, 20 December 2013

A Man !

Assalamualaikum, Bismillah...

A man, 

The one who can protects me,
To be hero of mine anytime.

The one who can be my bestfriend,
That can share the smile and tears of mine.

The one who can be a teacher,
Teach me, correct me and guide me.

The one who is a leader(imam),
The leader of our own family.

The one who is a father,
The father to our children.

The one who is a husband,
The husband that I can stand beside everywhere.

The one who is well-off,
That can adequate and cheerful us.

The one who is a doctor,
That can cure and taking care.

The one who is a lover,
The love from his whole of heart.

The one that can hold me tight,
To calm me in the fear of the night,
To warm me in the cold of weather.

The one who is my zauj(partner),
That lead and bring me with him to Jannah.


Special to dearie future husband (:

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

We Are Brothers & Sisters + MTK = Last Sem/Part5 !

Assalamualaikum Bros and Sis !

Hello brothers and sisters for Diploma in Public Administration!

As getting our final semester in DPA friends and I trying to create some valuable memories and we end up by participating in "We are Brothers & Sister" program by DiPAC.

We being gather in the morning and divided into some groups to assist our junior Part 1. Met the Part 1 junior according to the class that have been sign. Introducing ourselves one by one, sharing the experience, tips, advise and knowledge with the junior. Also playing some games and assist them to do their performance for the end of the event. It is really awesomeness to be Senior to our Junior. What a wonderful memories isn't it. 

Happy to be a Senior uolls! The important and memorable moments was in the Junior Life actually. It thought us to be more independent and creating the sweetness memories from the beginning until becoming a Senior with le friends and classmates.

Lets the pictures speaks more than the words do wokayh !

During MTK event( end of the We are Bros&Sis program) where we attempt to gather up and take some pictures. Weheee

Arghhhh! Its good to be a Senior. Counting days finishing last semester
Hold up on your position peeps!
Bye :')

Gigi Besi/ Braces #8

Ehem ehem Gigi Besi Breaknews!

Currently it almost end of the year and i am still keep on going review for my Mr.Bracey. As it getting two years or second anniversary wearing braces i have to wear elastic band as being instruct by the Mr.Doc. 

The purpose of wearing the elastic band is to align my upper middle line teeth with bottom middel line teeth also at the same time align my upper jaws and bottom jaws as both of it is not in the proper alignment or position.

As being instruct by the Mr.Doc lets do so for my betterment of teeth and jaws.

Lets take a look around with some pictures preview for more clear views my Mr.Bracey!

 Be seated first and smile

 Wearing bib

 Hold a mirror to get some captures to wear the elastic band in which bracket

 Already wear the elastic band but not so clear in the picture

 "Crime Partner" 

"The X Terminator Wannabe"
Actually this is not the exactly way to wear the elastic band. Fools around with the elastic band. Gegege
The elastic band should be in this pattern " \ \ \" not this "X \"
The End.
Adios Amigos XOXO

Angah's E-day !

Angah's Engagement Day!
Welcome future Bro-in-law. Yeeepppa !

 Tudiah BIL kita Abang Faza aka Jai

 Apabila tak bersedia, Candid la jadinya

 At last perfect picture when e/body ready

 When 6 of us trying to do Gwiyomi

 Gwiyomi again

 End up laughing doing Gwiyomi

 Take a break the end of the ceremony

 Red Velvet Cake hantaran tak jadi letak atas dulang. End up dalam mulut sendiri. So yummieyhh!

Celebrating Luqman's 4th Birthday at the same time with the big No.4 Car Race Track

End of the entry without any picture left me in person because superduper exhausted to camwhoring.
Once again welcome Abang Jai to Yusof's Clan.
To be continued with Angah's Solemnization Day.
Kbye *\O/*

Raya 2013 !

Ni Hao!

Wokayhhh! Walaupun benda kejadian peristiwa dah lepas tapi still nak keep updating benda yang sepatutnya nak di-update setelelah sekian lama sebagai kenangan dan bukti yang boleh tersimpan rapi selain dari folder dalam lappy.

Jadi kita mulakan dengan kronologi tarikh kejadian iaitu Raya 2013!

Enjoy the pictures! Walaupun tak banyak gambar tapi penuh makna disebalik setiap gambar. Mihmih

 OppaDonsaeng Style!

 Angah & Mak

UnnieDonsaeng Style!

Family kecil yg comel

 Pre-raya Shopping #1 with Luqman & Ilham

Pre-raya Shopping #2 again with the 2 kids

Pre-raya Shopping #3 InCar-Camwhoring w/ Jijie

Pre-raya Shopping #4 InCar Camwhoring w/Jijie

Pre-raya Shopping #5 InCar Camwhoring w/ Jijie

Pre-raya Shopping #6 InCar Camwhoring w/ Jijie

Macam biasa gambar hiasan di akhir entry. <caption> Cahaya di Ramadhan ke-2. 
Kbye (:*