Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Gigi Besi/ Braces #8

Ehem ehem Gigi Besi Breaknews!

Currently it almost end of the year and i am still keep on going review for my Mr.Bracey. As it getting two years or second anniversary wearing braces i have to wear elastic band as being instruct by the Mr.Doc. 

The purpose of wearing the elastic band is to align my upper middle line teeth with bottom middel line teeth also at the same time align my upper jaws and bottom jaws as both of it is not in the proper alignment or position.

As being instruct by the Mr.Doc lets do so for my betterment of teeth and jaws.

Lets take a look around with some pictures preview for more clear views my Mr.Bracey!

 Be seated first and smile

 Wearing bib

 Hold a mirror to get some captures to wear the elastic band in which bracket

 Already wear the elastic band but not so clear in the picture

 "Crime Partner" 

"The X Terminator Wannabe"
Actually this is not the exactly way to wear the elastic band. Fools around with the elastic band. Gegege
The elastic band should be in this pattern " \ \ \" not this "X \"
The End.
Adios Amigos XOXO

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