Friday, 20 December 2013

A Man !

Assalamualaikum, Bismillah...

A man, 

The one who can protects me,
To be hero of mine anytime.

The one who can be my bestfriend,
That can share the smile and tears of mine.

The one who can be a teacher,
Teach me, correct me and guide me.

The one who is a leader(imam),
The leader of our own family.

The one who is a father,
The father to our children.

The one who is a husband,
The husband that I can stand beside everywhere.

The one who is well-off,
That can adequate and cheerful us.

The one who is a doctor,
That can cure and taking care.

The one who is a lover,
The love from his whole of heart.

The one that can hold me tight,
To calm me in the fear of the night,
To warm me in the cold of weather.

The one who is my zauj(partner),
That lead and bring me with him to Jannah.


Special to dearie future husband (:

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