Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Angah's E-day !

Angah's Engagement Day!
Welcome future Bro-in-law. Yeeepppa !

 Tudiah BIL kita Abang Faza aka Jai

 Apabila tak bersedia, Candid la jadinya

 At last perfect picture when e/body ready

 When 6 of us trying to do Gwiyomi

 Gwiyomi again

 End up laughing doing Gwiyomi

 Take a break the end of the ceremony

 Red Velvet Cake hantaran tak jadi letak atas dulang. End up dalam mulut sendiri. So yummieyhh!

Celebrating Luqman's 4th Birthday at the same time with the big No.4 Car Race Track

End of the entry without any picture left me in person because superduper exhausted to camwhoring.
Once again welcome Abang Jai to Yusof's Clan.
To be continued with Angah's Solemnization Day.
Kbye *\O/*

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